November 13, 2015

I'm going to write a poem,
Without a single sound,
No onomatopeia,
No words that I have found.

I will not say the word,
That's spelt B A N G
And will not let you hear the sounds
I have inside of me.

No silly, silly noises
That just don't mean a thing

I will not say GAZINGA
Nor will I stand up on a chair

I will not go crazy
And start marching roun...

October 10, 2015


When the sauropods are coming

Then the ground begins to shake

Can you hear the terrible, terrible

Terrible noise they make?

With feet the size of motorcars,

And legs the size of trees,

They're walking through the forest,

With their great big wobbly knees.


The sauropods, the sauropods
Diplodocus and friends
Imagine sliding from his head
To where his tail it ends

Imagine being mistaken
For a tasty leafy treat,
Imagine being sat upon,

September 17, 2015

The T-Rex gives a mighty roar:

"I'm the most famous dinosaur."

But just there watching all the while,
Is the smiling Crocodile.


Who says with glee and snapping jaws,
"But my descendants will outlive yours..."


The T-Rex says "It can't be true,
I'm  far bigger and better than you."



But Croc says "No I'll still be around,
When you're just bones stuck in the ground."

June 8, 2015

Little Timmy Toucan

Was feeling rather weak

It wasn't easy flying round

With such a massive beak


And so he sat down in a tree

And had a little break

He drank a glass of lemonade

And ate some chocolate cake


And then he felt much better

So he flew back to his nest​​

Where tired Timmy Toucan

Had another little rest.




May 10, 2015


The seeds they wait to germinate

Until three needs are met

A place to stay, a sunny day

And water they must get.


And then they start to grow and grow

To reach up to the sun,

It happens to them all you know,

Every single one.


They grow some roots

That go deep down,

They grow a leafy

Type of crown,

All they need

Is lots of light,

And a chance

To rest at night,

And some water,

And some earth,

And then they grow

For all they're worth.


Look at the...