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Sometimes teaching poetry to young children can be daunting. Certain forms of poetry seem to have been specifically designed to put children to sleep or bore them into a tranquil state of word induced hypnosis.


I don't believe this is healthy for children and I don't think it's fun for teachers.

Luckily, however, there are other ways of approaching poetry that can be lots of fun for both learners and teachers alike. It is these ways of engaging children that I demonstrate and discuss during teacher training/INSET.


Generally sessions are two hours and during this time we go over some of the techniques that I have been using for the past few years to inspire and engage children. I also run through a quick revision of some poetic terms and different forms of poetry.


The atmosphere is light and fun and friendly and staff are encouraged to join in with fun games that I often use during my workshops as well as write their own poetry, in pairs, groups or alone and then recite it for colleagues!


This is not a dull lesson on poetic semantics but a hands-on guide and an opportunity for staff to experience a number of methods that can be really useful ways to engage primary school children and hopefully to inspire them to have fun with words and create great and meaningful poetry for themselves.

For the past 4 years I have been holding poetry workshops in primary schools and I would like to pass that experience on to you and to the other members of staff at your school.

Price: One two hour session: £250 




We spent a very informative and enjoyable couple of hours with Tony during a recent INSET session.


He demonstrated warm-up and starter activities and showed us that poetry can be a fun means of providing children with fabulous opportunities to be creative and original. We all had a lot of fun writing a range of poems and sharing them with colleagues, during a session which was punctuated with details of National Curriculum requirements, performances of some of Tony's poems and an opportunity to look at some published works with a critical eye.


We ended the evening in year groups so that we could determine ways to apply what we had learnt to our existing medium term plans and had no trouble in finding opportunities to do so.  

Tony Peek is highly recommended by Ashdown Primary School, it's fair to say, without a doubt, we think he's pretty cool!

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