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Sessions now available!

Mr Peek's Skype sessions have proved to be an extremely economical and fun way for children from all over the world to get involved with poetry. Let the children in your school, classroom, hospital or home meet a real-live-professional-poet... virtually in person. 


During an exciting and unforgettable session Mr Peek recites poetry, plays word games with the children, encourages interaction and discussion on themes that the children are working on and sets the tone for further exploration into the world of poetry for both teachers and students alike.


Let Mr Peek drop in on the big screen in your assembly or during lessons and give your learners the opportunity to experience the unforgettable power and fun of poetry.


Each Skype session includes a pre-lesson/assembly test run, the writing of a poem on the themes that the class or school might be working on and a 30minute poetry session during which Poetry is performed, Stories told, games played and a Q&A session can be held.

Price: £50 GBP (Or local currency equivalent)

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